Photos: "60 Moments That Gave Me the Chills During Seattle's First Day of Marriage Equality"

My first thought was wow, look at all those beautiful homonormative white people

good for you honey

i’m glad normative institutional whiteness can make you smile so much

cus they’re ~*gay*~ and have ~*equality*~ now or whatever

"look at my kooky socks! i’ve subscribed to an institution responsible for the detriment of queer people in my country! obama <333"

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    jeez white people need to stop
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    wow dumbass you really think there’s gonna be a fuckload of poc gays in seattle on day one jfc you are just dumb
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    There’s an Asian family in there. Asians sure as hell ain’t Caucasian. :U And look at that adorable little Hispanic girl...
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    "homonormative" are you fucking kidding me edit: oh, a sociology major that explains the incessant whining and bullshit...